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Honoring Our
Military Heroes

Military servicemen and women sacrifice in incredible ways to serve the United States. We desire to support these American Heroes by providing for their spouses and children. We partner with the Folds of Honor Foundation to support educational scholarships for the spouses and children of fallen or disabled servicemen who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Through the Folds of Honor Foundation, we awarded 286 scholarships within Kentucky and Tennessee in the 2017-2018 school year. The amazing result is that 26% of these awardees are the first in their generation to attend college. We are grateful for the work of this incredible organization.


Did You Know?



of military family respondents indicate that they do not feel a sense of belonging within their local civilian community, and


feel they are not valued members of the local community.

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Military pay and benefits

are listed as a top concern among all members of military affiliation: active duty members (40%), active duty spouses (42%), veterans (42%).


of military families have less than $5K in savings. The top reason military members listed for exiting service is the concern that military life is having a negative impact on their family.

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Fewer than half (47%)

of military spouse respondents were employed in 2017, and of those who were employed, the majority (51%) earned less than $20K in 2016--with 39% earning less than $10K.

The percentage of military spouse respondents who indicated they were unemployed increased to 28% in 2017. 

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of military caregiver respondents reported report being unemployed (seeking work), and 50% report feeling isolated.

A majority of military caregivers (53%) report a diagnosis of anxiety or depression (45%).

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of military family respondents indicate they are not always able to obtain the childcare they need.

Military child education and impact of deployment on children ranked as a top concern for both service members and military spouses in 2017.

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of veteran spouses say their veteran exhibited signs of PTSD in 2017.


of veteran spouses considered separation or divorce in 2017.