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Future Leaders

We believe the future success of our country depends on the next generation of leaders. Alarmingly, there is a leadership gap in our country today. We believe that is due in part to an unmet need in education. Our research indicates that at least 91% of Americans think that students should learn leadership skills as part of their middle and high school education curriculum. Yet, the majority of students in our education system have limited access to strong leadership curriculum prior to starting their career.  

The Lift a Life Foundation is working to invest and scale leadership curriculum that teaches students to think and act like leaders. Our leadership pipeline focuses on curriculum starting at pre-K age and ending at the senior year of college through three primary partners.

Global Game Changers Student Empowerment Program

pre-K - 5th grade

Global Game Changers (GGC) provides an enriching educational curriculum that empowers all children to discover their inner superpower to make the world a better place. The curriculum helps students develop compassion and realize that they can make a difference in the world. We are partnering with GGC to take what is working in Louisville, KY, and scale it to a national level so that every child can recognize his or her potential to IGNITE GOOD.

Lead4Change Student Leadership Program

middle school and high school

The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is helping to fill a gap in middle and high school education with an innovative leadership program. The program is based on the leadership principles from the book Taking People with You by David Novak, our founding director and the Co-Founder, Former Chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands. Lead4Change gives students the opportunity to lead, create and implement team projects designed to meet a need in their community.

Lead4Change Student Leadership Program gives students opportunities to learn outside the classroom while working to meet a community need through project management, decision-making and teamwork. Each year, student teams compete for a chance to win grants for their charity. The Lift a Life Foundation is the sole funder of this program and partners with the Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning to execute the program.

Novak Leadership Institute at the University of Missouri


The Novak Leadership Institute (NLI) is the world’s first center for communication and marketing-based leadership education. It combines the reputation and resources of the world’s first School of Journalism with David Novak’s industry-tested principles of leadership. Courses and programs integrate the School of Journalism’s famous Missouri Method of Learning by offering students hands-on experience in leadership development, organizational communication, entrepreneurship and service.

The institute will feature undergraduate and graduate courses; a lecture series and annual symposium; thought leadership and research; study abroad opportunities; service learning partnerships; a certificate program in leadership; on-campus and online seminars and workshops; industry partnerships for apprenticeships and mentoring; and scholarships. The mission is to prepare lifelong learners who make a positive and meaningful impact in their organizations and communities.


Did You Know?


10,000 Baby Boomers

are retiring every day.


of the workforce will be Millennials by 2020.

More than 44%

of Millennials are now in leadership positions, but most believe they are receiving little to no development in their roles.



of today’s senior leaders and managers in global companies do not feel their new members are able to lead their organizations into the future.


of all organizational managers say their top priority is closing leadership skill gaps.

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of college graduates strongly agree they had a mentor who encouraged their goals and dreams.


of college graduates strongly agree they had an internship where they applied what they were learning.



of global business executives identified leadership as an issue or trend that is important to face.


of Americans think students with leadership skills are more college and career ready.

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of Americans think teachers should integrate leadership skills in their schools’ existing curriculum.


of Americans agree that students are more successful in school when they are able to practice their leadership skills outside the classroom.


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